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KSIR Shuttle Buses

The Innovative and Luxurious KSIR Pro Touring Bus

The KSIR™ Pro Touring Bus accommodates 23 passengers plus driver & guide, with a large 40" deep full-width rear luggage compartment. The extra-long 212" wheelbase and Sumo front and rear spring suspension ensures a soft, luxurious ride, while minimizing body roll. The all Galvannealed steel cage with seamless fiberglass exterior provides the ultimate corrosion protection while the extra-dense block insulation and thick frameless windows isolate the passengers from exterior noise.

Rich cherry finished flooring is rolled seamlessly from the floor to the wall-mounted seat track to eliminate hard to clean joints between the floor and wall. The rear wall and overhead parcel racks incorporate seat-color coordinated accent panels. Interior lighting and exterior body lights are long-lasting bright LED bulbs.


Generous seat spacing allows every seat, including the rear row, to recline fully for passenger comfort.

This innovative and luxurious bus must be auditioned to fully appreciate its quiet comfort and spaciousness. Please call Best Bus Sales at 866-BUS-SALE to arrange an evaluation of this truly remarkable vehicle.

Wheelchair Lift Operation Video


Important tips for proper wheelchair lift operation:

  1. Lift door must be unlocked with key
  2. Vehicle must be idling with parking brake engaged
  3. Unlatch safety/pull-down strap; allow hatch to gently open skyward
  4. Switch lift ON (toggle switch located at lower right front of lift
  5. Grab switch control and FOLD INWARD FIRST TO UN-HOOK LIFT
  6. Unfold lift until it stops; lower lift carriage to ground
  7. Load passenger wheelchair, lock front safety gate
  8. Raise lift, secure passenger on-board with tie-downs
  9. Refold lift for transport; remember to release parking brake prior to departure

NOTE: The "gull wing" wheelchair lift door is now automated.


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